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    Guangzhou Chuangxiang Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2015 with a registered capital of $1.26 million. The company is located in the business center of Zhujiang New City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, with a strategic location. The company is mainly engaged in Biotechnology Transfer Services, Scientific and Technological Information Consulting Services, Drug R&D, Technology Import and Export, Chemical Engineering Research Services and Other Services. The business scope covers many countries in the world and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and has a relatively stable sales network in the domestic pharmaceutical market. The company advocates the core values of “Innovation, Integrity, Cooperation, and Gratitude”, commits itself to perseverance, enhances the quality of people's healthy life, and strives to create a respected medical service provider with industry reputation.


    The main focus of business at present:


    1. New Drug Development

    It engages in the R&D of Pharmaceuticals, Foods, Fine Chemicals and Medical Equipment. It consists of preparation Research labs, Chinese Medicine Research Labs, Chemical Synthesis Labs, and Quality Research Labs. It has a number of strong research teams including doctoral and master's degrees. Dozens of state-level new drugs have been successfully developed, and scientific research results have radiated several pharmaceutical companies.


    2. Project Broker

    To understand the needs of enterprises and excavate advanced technological achievements;

    To organize and participate in the industrialization and commercialization of technological achievements;

    Play the role of communication and coordination and bridge link in the transaction process;

    In the process of contract signing and performance, provide comprehensive service to both parties



    1) Communication Regulation

    Grasp the first-hand information of scientific research achievements, gain insight and understanding of market trends, and quickly acquire technical supply and demand information by extensively collecting industrial development needs, inquiring about related industry technical achievements, capturing market information dynamics, and making reasonable predictions and judgments on market development. It is passed to the supply and demand sides to avoid misalignment in scientific research and production, to identify valuable technologies needed by the market, and to regulate the supply and demand balance of technical commodities.

    2) Evaluation

    As the third party in the process of technology trading, it makes a comprehensive evaluation on the combination of market information and scientific and technological achievements by relying on its own knowledge of interdisciplinary knowledge, market risk and market analysis, legal knowledge and policy and regulations, creating good trading articles for both parties and providing a reasonable market reference price. It provides a scientific, fair, lawful and orderly guarantee for the smooth transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the healthy development of the technology market.

    3) Organization Implement

    Not only possess the necessary professional knowledge level, and to market and analysis ability, as well as contract law, economic law, civil and commercial law and patent law and related law knowledge, knowledge of science and technology department for transformation of scientific and technological achievements and technology trade policies and regulations, relying on the good business ethics and rich practical experience, the greatest degree to promote scientific and technological achievements from the docking discussion, to contract negotiations, to. Be responsible for the performance of the contract, for the enterprise to provide the most comprehensive technical technology trade both parties intermediary services.

    3.Operation guarantee

    The technology transfer process is highly risky and uncertain. Technology brokers act as intermediary service providers. We will use our own technology, finance, market, and government fields to ensure the smooth implementation of the technology transfer.




    The total number of projects in which China's scientific and technological achievements can be successfully transformed into productivity is less than 30%, which is far lower than those of European countries and the United States, and it is also unable to meet market development needs.

    With the continuous advancement of the pharmaceutical industry and the transformation and upgrading of the industry, various chains urgently need to use and allocate resources in the market, and share professional and technical knowledge to play a role of bridge between various entities and elements in the market. Guangzhou Chuangxiang Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. is a new type. The technical service company came into being. We aim to become the closest link between science and technology and market economy, and promote scientific and technological innovation and progress, especially the transformation of results and leading the industry to upgrade.

    As the core of intellectual creation and the sharing of superior resources as the service aim, Chuang enjoys the most influential medical information policy interpretation and all directional data service platform. "Creative prototype" - "technology matching" - "risk assessment" - "fund public financing" - "entity industrialization" - "one-stop marketing" - "after-sale feedback" in various fields,interlocking, to help tap and enhance the company's core competitiveness, and strive to create a "forge to create and share resources," a new type of technology industrialization and technological chain.

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    "Excellence, honesty"

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