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    Drug development services mainly include preclinical research, clinical research services, postmarketing evaluation services and bioequivalence (BE), generic drug consistency assessment research services. In the process of providing drug research and development, Guangzhou Chuangxiang corresponding drug development insurance and financial services.

    Based on the rich risk management and underwriting experience of Anda Insurance, Guangzhou Chuangxiang focused on in-depth cooperation on drug development and clinical trial safety liability insurance. In order to reduce drug production risks in drug manufacturing and R&D enterprises, Guangzhou Chuangxiang has launched a corresponding liability insurance for related drug quality and safety. The holders of drug marketing licenses have obtained sufficient risk protection. At the same time, in order to promote the research and development of new drugs, protect the rights and interests of clinical trial subjects and ensure their safety, and at the same time minimize the R&D risk of new drug R&D institutions and commissioned institutions,our company joint domestic and foreign well-known insurance company to provide liability insurance service, clinical trials for new drug research and development.

    Project Investment and Financing Services, Guangzhou Chuangxiang focuses on the financing of projects funded by the entire industry chain of pharmaceuticals, bringing together a number of powerful capital management companies resources,like private equity investment institutions, investment banks, fund companies, investment consortia, and industrial groups. Relying on powerful industrial resources integration ability, with advanced and unique operation idea and vision, persevering enterprise investment planning, forecasting, market research, financial analysis, marketing planning, brand strategy, development planning, capital operation, mergers and acquisitions and other comprehensive financial services.

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