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    The 2017 working meeting and annual meeting of the Future Pharmaceutical Group w
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    From January 20 to 21, 2017, the 2017 working meeting and annual meeting of the future pharmaceutical industry (Group) were grandly held in the international conference center of Lujiang Golden Peacock hot spring resort hotel, Anhui Province.More than 150 employees including sales representatives and sales managers from all regions of the Group gathered together to summarize 2016 and look forward to 2017.The chairman and general manager of the group, Mr. Zhao Lijun, the director and the chief scientist, Mr. Li Xiaoxiang and all the talented person like Wang Youjun, Rang duojie, XuanHaiBo, YueJun, Zhang Yamin, Guo Chuanbao, Zhang Pan, Xu Bingwan, Cai Yong etc. attended the meeting. Meanwhile, Ms. Chen qiao, representative of Tianjin Haida Investment co., LTD and Mr. Zhang chi, representative of Anhui One Fund Investment co., LTD were also invited to attend the meeting.


    At the meeting, each subsidiary of the group and the person in charge of the center made detailed reports on the completion of the work in 2016 and the work prospect in 2017.The working conference is chaired by Wang Youjun,general manager of the Group's Pharmaceutical Marketing Control Management Center.


    Mr. Zhao Lijun, chairman of the group company, set his sights on "new situation, new order, new challenges, new transitions, big missions, and large-scale development of the big mission," and summed up the development of the group company in 2016,focused on the opportunities and challenges faced by the group company in 2017, and made a detailed response to the plan.


    2016 is the first year of Future Pharmaceutical (Group) creation and the cornerstone year of development. Through the joint efforts of all the staff, we have successfully completed all the business goals and tasks in 2016. The company as a whole began to develop rapidly in a standardized way, and introduced a number of strategic partners and talents needed for development.In the company's major planning and development issues, the listed company, Tibet Future Biomedical Co., Ltd., was identified. It has formed a management system of six operating management centers and one operating base, which has a preliminary advanced management mode with its own characteristics.In the construction of market culture, nearly 10 provincial annual meetings were co-organized or sponsored by the Marketing Department, and nearly 300 internal department meetings were held jointly with experts at all levels. In the core infrastructure of the marketing management system, the development plans of the business departments have become more and more clear. The management process has basically formed, the team strength has taken shape, and the company’s core medical insurance work at the national level and the provincial medical insurance work have been steadily advancing.

    2017 is a turning point in the growth of the Future Pharma and a leap-forward development year. The Group's positioning in 2017 is: integration, standardization, breakthrough, persistence, and wisdom. The business philosophy of the future pharmaceutical industry always adheres to the specialized academic promotion road that takes the product's own attributes as the core; and the management model of the investment promotion team is the content of terminal segment market management at all levels. The strategic direction at the company level has been clarified, and a major integration strategy has begun. The horns for 2017 are already sounding. For the 2017 business goal, every future medical person is required not to start to go negative with the tide, but to pursue the future with enthusiasm.


    Mr. Li Xiaoxiang, Director of the Group Company's Director, Chief Scientist, and General Manager of Innovation and R&D Operation and Management Center, established a modern enterprise system, created a 100-year foundation, achieved a leap-forward development of the company, successfully listed, and finally achieved the goal of co-creating wealth as the company's vision for the Future Pharma Group. The strategic development, future development journey and overall goals have provided us with a very clear blueprint. The development orientation of the company is still to design and build the core technology and products around the main line of children's medication, and to reposition the overall layout of the company as "one center, four bases". Namely: Golmud headquarters operation center, Hefei production base, Qinghai production base, Xuchang production base, Ryan production base. From the four aspects of group system construction, base and platform construction, management framework construction, and new product development (production, R&D alliance), we explained in detail the development strategy and implementation of the group company.The core tasks of the 2017 strategy are to improve the financial management system, establish a company's internal R&D team, establish a sales system compliance risk control system, determine the intermediary agencies during the listing process, and implement internal company equity incentives and complete the company's brand building to create a social image.We will make use of the unique salt resources and the medicinal resources of zangqing to build the largest health care industry, such as health care salt, washing salt and soy sauce vinegar, and actively build a bio-health industry.

    The goals and the blueprint are inspiring. Leaders of each center and each subsidiary made speeches about their respective work. I believe everyone will work together to fulfill the company's mission.





    At the annual meeting, the company organized the "All the way to build a better future" Gala. The staff of each department not only brought us different styles and unique dances, passionate singing voices, Chinese martial arts Tai Chi Sword shows, but also self-created humorous pieces that incorporated corporate elements. In the show performances, special draws were also interspersed, which pushed the atmosphere of the annual meeting to a climax.






    In the evening party, the leaders of the company presented awards for 2016 annual marketing experts, outstanding employees and outstanding departments.

    In 2017, Future Pharmaceutical Group will have new opportunities and new challenges. All employees will continue to work harder to bring a better future with better performance!


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