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    2018 Future Pharma New Year Meeting Successfully Held
    Release time:2018-01-25| Browse times:


    From January 19 to January 21, 2018, the 2018 Welcome New Year Meeting about Marketing Work Conference with the theme of “righteousness,atmospheric,domineering” was held in Country Garden Phoenix Hotel, Chaohu, Hefei. The meeting summarized the company's completion of various work in 2017 and put forward the requirements for the successful completion of various business objectives in 2018. We will also give awards to advanced collectives and outstanding individuals who have outstanding work in 2017. The staff of the party sang and danced with joy in celebration of the glorious achievements of the company in 2017 and will embark on a new journey in 2018.



    Mr. Zhao Lijun, Chairman and General Manager of the company, Mr. Li Xiaoxiang, Director and Chief Scientist of the company, Ye Xiaolin, Wang Youjun, Zhang Pan, Yue Jun, Zhang Yamin, Wu Hailin ,invited investors and other guests attended the meeting.More than 200 people from all centers, subsidiaries, sales and marketing departments, regional sales representatives, sales managers, and Hefei headquarters attended the company's annual event. The company conference was presided over by Mr. Wang Youjun. Chairman Zhao Lijun made an important speech.


    At the company's work conference in 2018, Mr. Zhao Lijun, Chairman of the Board of Directors, carefully reviewed the various tasks the company had done in 2017, deeply analyzed the market environment and the state of our market and the state of our own state, especially in the pharmaceutical industry of complex background, we still maintain a steady development trend, which is inseparable from the joint efforts of all colleagues present here.2018 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The chairman evaluates the situation, analyzes the market, combines the company's own situation, and establishes the business philosophy of the development of the Future Pharma. It insists on the professional academic promotion that takes the product's own property as the core; The end of all levels of terminal for the academic promotion of the platform for the content of the investment team management mode! From the ability of the company, what kind of market environment is created, the advanced management model, the management concept, the risks faced by the company, how to cope with the sudden difficulties and how to fully use the market policies to lay a solid foundation for the success of the 2018. The core project and marketing center's work objectives are fully completed.


    Mr. Li Xiaoxiang, director and chief scientist of Future Pharma , led the people in the report of the road of innovation and development to face the adjustment of the national pharmaceutical policy. Drugs will return to their origins. Our future path will only be to their own products, zedoary oil series, various trace element products, and hydrochloric acid. The constant innovation of products such as Pentadol and its preparations is the only way to future development.


    Mr. Ye Xiaolin, deputy general manager of the company and general manager of the capital operation and management center, summarized that in the past year, the company completed the financing, mergers and acquisitions, internal restructuring, the company’s management team and core employee equity incentives to improve and standardize the company. Governance structure, including management system, corporate behavior, financial regulations, internal control, and legal compliance, make the company's overall management structure more scientific and efficient.Complete agreements with securities traders, accountants and law firms. In 2017, the road to the future IPO will be fully opened, and the rapid development of the capital market will take the fast track. In the work of 2018, the company will further optimize corporate governance, standardize the financial system, establish internal control, and do a good job of risk control, and fully support the company's overall operations from the capital. In his thoughts on interpreting future capital and industry development, Ye always warns us with ulterior motives to learn quickly and efficiently in a fun language. Must keep running to stay in place!


    Mr. Wang Youjun, deputy general manager of the company and marketing manager of drug marketing management, reported on the company’s marketing status and focused on interpreting the goals, plans and marketing programs of 2018. We are required to take one step at a time, one year at a new height.1527063612238619.jpgMr. Yue jun, general manager of the financial and tax operation control and management center, reviewed the financial work in 2017, reported the company's financial results in 2017 and the company's budget and financial work plan in 2018.

    1527063653529650.jpgMr. Zhang Yamin, general manager of the Quality Production Control Management Center, gave a detailed report on production, quality management, material procurement, GSP management, and GMP management operations.


    Mr. Wu Hailin, general manager of the Innovation and R&D Operation Management Center, focused on product R&D work in 2018. The focus is on the optimization of the production process of Zedoary Oil Injection and the secondary development of the product, the conformity assessment of Baizheng Pharmaceutical Injection, the technology transfer of varieties, the cultivation and application of high-tech companies, the application for invention patents, and the construction of the central laboratory.

    1527063762839071.jpgMr. Gao Jianhua, Assistant to the General Manager of the Administrative Service Operation and Management Center, reported on the company's administrative work.


    1527063820882898.jpgDuring the marketing work conference on the 19th to the 20th, the company's marketing team through brain training, experience exchanges of core varieties, interpretation of pilot regional programs, 2018 overall marketing plan and 2018 program landing will be successfully signed, we are confident to complete the 2018 sales target!



    At the 2017 annual advanced collective and excellent individual awards evening held by the company, the leaders of the company respectively presented awards to the advanced collective and individual who won the award.


    The song and dance “Start of the Red” from the marketing center opened the prelude to the party, which indicates that the Future Pharma will be prosperous.

    1527064058989405.jpgFrom the financial center dance "modern dance",bursting with passion.


    The sketch "Take Snow to Find the Plum Blossoms" from Baizheng Pharma and the Third Business Unit is humorous and funny.

    1527064148270431.jpgFrom the executive center song and dance "loyalty to the motherland", singing heroic and sword dance flying.


    The solo dance "Mom's Hand" from King Gesar of Qinghai Province has a passionate dance.


    Coming from the Marketing Department, "future demeanor" is full of humor, humor, and fun.

    1527064263100126.jpgHuang meixi from the Marketing Department, is full of charm and won bursts of applause.


    In the show performances, special draws were also interspersed, which pushed the atmosphere of the annual meeting to a climax. Everyone is happily immersed in laughter, wine, and food...

    In 2018, the Future Pharma will face more unpredictable policy environment, greater pressure on market competition, and the unfavorable factors such as rapid development and talent structure mismatch, and make good response measures. There should be no slightest slackiness and relaxation, and it must be solid. Carry out every job. The Future Pharma is a young enterprise. The team of the Future Pharma is a vibrant team. In 2018, we will continue to meet the challenges. We will focus on the business objectives, consolidate the terminal, focus on academic, scientific management, and wisdom, and complete the work in 2018.

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